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User interface

New designed user interface makes the website looks fantastic. Glebe WebUI is packed with new features that help you connect with others, explore our school, and use powerful intelligence to do more with this website than ever before.

Easy to access

Glebe WebUI update lets you access this website from different devices. WebUI powered by Wixsite and designed for all Apple devices (iOS, iPadOS and MacOS) or Windows and Android devices (Windows, Android OS or Chrome OS).

More information

Glebe WebUI now includes different information about our school, those information include Student Services, Students Committee and Students Council. Now, using this website to explore our school is easier than ever before.

Update History

Glebe Students' Council website published Version 1.0 in 2019, Version 1.0 includes different information pages like council members, linktree, council calendar and council constitution. In 2020, the students' council published version 1.5 with different upgrades include pages - How to join? Glebe Students' Council linktree! Different pages like council members and constitution also updated. Then we take a step forward, Version 2.0 was updated in 2021 with a brand new user interface, adding the pages like Contact Us, About Us and Our School. Different pages also updated - Council Positions, Glebe Clubs, Council Elections and Glebe Guidance Counsellor! Next, say "Hello" to 2022......


Glebe Students Council Website 2022

Your Students Voice

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