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Glebe Students Committee 2022

A Club For Students

- Sub-Committees -


Students Dance Sub-Committee

Glebe 100th Anniversary Students Dance Sub-Committee (Co-Chair: Maya McGhan) is organizing the Glebe 100th Anniversary Students Dance (Current Students)...


Council Connection Sub-Committee

Glebe Council Connection Sub-Committee helps collect students' voices and helps build a better connection between students and school's councils...


Students Assemblies Sub-Committee

Glebe Students Assemblies Sub-Committee helps organize the students' assemblies (virtual or in-person)  by collecting school news, filming and stage organizing...


Glebe Technology Sub-Committee

Glebe Technology Sub-Committee helps develop the Glebe Students' Council Website and Glebe App (Coming in 2022) and keeps updating the website and app...


Glebe Events Sub-Committee

Glebe Events Sub-Committee helps organize all school-related events from Students' Council Event to Glebe 100th Anniversary Events...

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