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Glebe StudCo LinkTree

Glebe StudCo LinkTree is a wonderful tool for all Glebe Students to explore different resources that our school offers. You can access Glebe Website, StudCo Website and other school news' links on the Glebe Students Council LinkTree. It's the fastest place to explore Glebe!

Glebe Students Council Website 2022

Your Students Voice

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Glebe School Website

Find school news, school clubs information, school events, students' services resource and academic information... Different services and resources are also available on the website, book an appointment with a guidance counsellor or find course selection information.

OCDSB Website

Find all school information on the OCDSB website and find information about Students Senators, Senior Staffs, Students' Volunteers Resources and COVID Resources... Visit the website ( to explore more.

Glebe 100th Anniversary Website

Glebe 100! Reunion 2022!

Glebe Collegiate Institute will celebrate its 100th anniversary from May 13 - May 15. Visit the 100th anniversary website for more information about the events, committee members and purchase your tickets today.

Glebe Morning Music Submission New!!!

Music Morning is coming back! Submit your favourite music today and let the whole school listen together in the morning! Click the button to submit your music. Information Required: Your Name, Your Grade, Your School Email, Music Name, Artist of Music and YouTube Link of Music. Your music may take one week to get verified and scheduled to be played on the school PA System. Once your music has been played, you can submit another music.

Glebe CI Daily Announcements (RINC)

Glebe Collegiate Institute is the first school to offer the daily announcement and stay updating daily on the Glebe School Website, you can explore the school news, school events, school clubs information and students council updates. You can also explore the volunteer opportunities, academic information and scholarship opportunities on the Glebe Daily Anncouncements. Click the button to explore more on the daily announcement slideshow.

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