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Council Constitution

What We Stand For

Article I - Name of Organisation

The name of the organization shall be “The High School Students' Council of Glebe Collegiate Institute” (Hereinafter “Glebe Students' Council”)

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Glebe Students Council 2022 Constitution

Your Students Voice

- Council Constitution -

Article II - Role of Glebe Students' Council

The objectives of Glebe Students' Council are to:
01. Represent the voice of Glebe Students regarding school matters.
02. Actively seek out students' opinions on matters of concern.
03. Take any necessary and permissible follow­up actions to the students’ requests.
04. Develop unity and school spirit amongst the students.

05. Advise the Glebe Administration on any matters of concern to the student body.
06. Maintain communication and establish strong relations between the students and the administration.
07. Glebe Students' Council should set and prioritize goals specific to the student body's needs of the year.
08. Guide the student body's advice in terms of the actions they can or cannot initiate, as well as provide students with advice in matters concerning the school.
09. Provide feedback on and suggest amendments to school policies in order to create a better school environment for students.

10. Develop and update the constitution in order to ensure that the council can respond to the needs of the students as deemed necessary.

Article III - Members of Glebe Students Council

The Students Council member positions include :

a)Elected Positions for Glebe Students' Council. 
    01. The Co-Presidents (Vice Co-President First)
    03. The Students Senator
    04. The Treasurer
    05. The Secretary
    06. The Grade 12 Representatives
    07. The Grade 11 Representatives
    08. The Grade 10 Representatives

b) Associative Positions for Glebe Students' Council

    01. International Students Representatives

    02. Grade 09 Representatives

    03. Heads of Spirit

    04. Heads of Communication

    05. Heads of Technology

    06. Clubs Representatives

    07. Students Trustee and other OCDSB Positions (PresCo Council)

    08. Glebe Students Representatives (Glebe Students Committee)

    09. Heads of Sub-Committees

    10. Members at Large

Article IV - Responsibilities of Council Members

a) Roles and Responsibilities of the Presidents are:
    01. To call meetings and create agendas.
    02. To lead meetings and the direction of the council.

    03. Be in charge of direct communication with school admin.
    04. See that the members fulfill the responsibilities.
    05. Plus responsibilities outlined by OCDSB and Administration.
    06. Plus roles of Article IV, Subsection (e). 

b) Roles and Responsibilities of the Vice Co-Presidents are:
    01. To work with the Co-President on the meeting agenda.
    02. To chair meetings when the Co-Presidents are absent.
    03. To communicate with Students and School Administration. 
    04. Plus roles of Article IV, Subsection (e).
c) Roles and Responsibilities of the Treasurer are:
    01. To handle the finances and accounts for Students Council.
    02. To help organize the financial aspect of new events.
    03. To record the budget for Students Council.

d) Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretary are:
    01. To keep a note of decisions made by the Council
    02. Assist Students Council's Co-Presidents with tasks.

Article IV - Continue

e) Roles and Responsibilities of all Grade Reps and ELL Reps:
    01. To promote events. 
    02. To communicate with the high school student body.
    03. To help the organization of spirit activities.
    04. Create advertisements for Students' Council activities.
    05. Represent Students Council on any school-oriented media.
    06. Represent Grade Opinions and/or International Students

           Opinions and/or Administrative opinions in Students' Council

    07. Make proposals to Students' Council. 
    08. Vote on any issues that need to be decided.

f) Roles and Responsibilities of the Members at Large are:
    01. To promote events. 
    02. To communicate with the student body.
    03. To help the organization of spirit activities.
    04. Vote on any issues that need to be decided.

 g) All Roles have responsibilities outlined by OCDSB or Trustee.

Article V - Meetings

a) Students council shall meet every week of the school year unless decided otherwise by the Co-Presidents.
b) A topic is discussed and then voted upon. For a council decision to pass, the majority of the council must be present, and at least majority of the votes must be in favor of the motion.

Article VI - Accountability

a) Each and every student's council member will be held accountable in order to ensure adequate performance.
b) Disciplinary infractions are defined as follows: a. Unexcused absences from meetings. b. Failing to complete assigned tasks.
c) Each unexcused absence from a meeting will count as a disciplinary infraction.
d) Failing to complete the scheduled tasks for each week will count as a disciplinary infraction.
e) Accruing four disciplinary infractions will lead to instant dismissal from the Students' Council.
f) The Secretary and Co-Presidents will be responsible for keeping track of all infractions.
g) Students Council Members will be notified by the Co-Presidents if they are at risk of dismissal upon further infractions.
h) If a member is dismissed, Students' Council will meet and discuss whether re­-elections for the vacant position are a worthwhile endeavor given relevant factors such as proximity to the general elections for that particular post and the immediate and long term requirements of Students' Council.

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