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Glebe Students Committee 2022

A Club For Students

- Your Students' Voice -

About Glebe Students Committee...

Glebe Students Committee (Glebe Students Events Committee) is a brand new club in 2022. Glebe Students Committee directly connected with Glebe Students Council and works together on different school-related topics. If you just want to share some ideas or report some issues, you won't need any applications. If you would like to help organize some school events, council events or other school-related events and get some volunteer hours, you can sign up by the form provided below, all students are welcomed. The Glebe Students Committee will be a new way of communication at Glebe CI!

Talk at Glebe Students' Committee

All students are always welcome to join us at Thursday Lunch in Room 424 to talk about any school-related topic. Students' Council's future events suggestions, school-related issues, council or committee's suggestions... No application is required.

Become a members of Glebe Students Committee

Join us as a member of the Glebe Students Committee today and get volunteer hours by helping with School Events or collecting students' ideas. If you would like to join the Glebe Students Committee, click the button and submit your application by Google Form.

Sub-Committees of Glebe Students Committee

Glebe Students Committee brings a new system to build a better connection between Glebe Students and Students Council and School Administration. So now, introducing the sub-committee system from Glebe Students Committee. Glebe Students Committee now includes 5 sub-committees: Glebe 100th Anniversary Students Dance Sub-Committee, Glebe Students Assemblies Sub-Committee, Glebe Students' Council Connection Sub-Committee, Glebe Technologies Sub-Committee and Glebe Events Sub-Committee. Different sub-committees focus on different topics and all these committees are led by students and supervised by different heads of sub-committee and all heads of the sub-committee are welcome to join the Glebe Students' Council's general meetings. Click the link to explore different sub-committees...

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