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Glebe Students Council Website 2022

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- Students Council Calendar -

Check our Glebe Students' Council Calendar here!

Check our next students' council event and school event below. Powered by Google Calendar and Glebe WebUI 1.0 - this calendar is an active calendar and keeps updated every week. All school activities, council activities, important meeting dates, clubs meeting dates and even 100th-anniversary events dates will be available on our Students' Council Calendar! If you are one of the heads of clubs at Glebe Collegiate Institute or you have any important dates that you want to share with the entire school please click the button below to send us an email, once one of our heads of communication or members approved your request, your event will be added!

Access by Google Sheet (Request) 

Are you a head of clubs, a student who wants to organize some events at Glebe, a school committee member or a staff or teacher at Glebe Collegiate Institute? Don't worry, we got you covered! If you want to have access for the Glebe Students Council's Google Calendar by Google Sheet or want to get a hard copy of the students' council's calendar, feel free to submit your request any time... Click the button below to access the Google Form for your application, some information will be collected in the form: Your Name, Your School Email, Your Clubs' Information (Optional), Your Class Room (Hard-Copy) and Reason of Your Request... One of the Co-Presidents of the Glebe Students Council will review your application and send you a copy of the council calendar.

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