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Glebe Students Council 2022

Your Students Voice

- About Us -

Who We Are?

Glebe Students' Council is responsible for events around the school. Your great assemblies and being your liaison between students and administration. Glebe Students' Council is made up of a group of students, who are elected at the beginning of June in the previous year and who meet weekly to build a better school environment together. Glebe Students' Council leads several events: Spirit Week, Glebe Oscar and Glebe 100th Anniversary Students' Events. Also, it is our job to make sure your students' voice is heard and action is taken! Together, we will build our school better!

How do I join?

Glebe Students' Council has multiple opportunities for different students to join us! For Grade Nines, your applications for members at large positions and Grade Nine Representative positions begin in early September (Selected or Elected Position), so be sure to listen to the daily announcements for more details! International Students Representatives are also chosen in September. As for other Grades, elections for elected positions happen in May, with campaigns starting in Late April. Positions available for Grade Tens include Grade Ten Reps, Secretary or Treasurer. Positions for Grade Elevens include Grade Eleven Rep, Secretary, Treasurer, Senator, and Vice Co-Presidents (Become Co-President next year). Grade Twelves positions include Grade Twelve Reps, Secretary, Treasurer, and Senator. Heads of Spirit, Head of Communication and Members at Large are selected positions that will begin an application after the general election. Clubs Reps will be nominated by clubs and joined Students Council automatically. Click the button to explore more information...

Contact Us

There are multiple ways to contact your students' council. Contact by our official Instagram Accounts, council's email, this website or talk to one of our students' council's members. Also, feel free to join our new club this year at Glebe Collegiate Institute - Glebe Students Committee. Click the button to visit our Instagram...

Glebe Students Committee New!

Hello, 2022! This year we introduced a brand new club at Glebe Collegiate Institute - Glebe Students Committee. Everyone is welcome to share their voices and help with any school events by joining different sub-committees (volunteer hours provided). Click the button to explore more about Glebe Students Committee.

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