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Glebe Students Council Website

A New Way of Communication

- Avaliable Now -

About Website

The Glebe Students' Council's Website started in 2019, with Students' Council LinkTree, Students' Council's Calendar and Students' Council's Consititution... In 2020, we added Contact Us and School Clubs pages into the website... In 2021, we update the user interface to version 2.0. This year we will take a huge step forward.

Students' Council's LinkTree

In Glebe Students' Council WebUI 2.0, we updated the entire Glebe School LinkTree with more resources and new features like Glebe Morning Music Submission Form and Glebe School Daily Annoucement Link... We also added more resources like School Webiste, OCDSB Website and Glebe 100th Anniversary Website...

Glebe Students Committee New!

Hello, 2022! This year we introduced a brand new club at Glebe Collegiate Institute - Glebe Students Committee. Everyone is welcome to share their voices and help with any school events by joining different sub-committees (volunteer hours provided). Click the button to explore more about Glebe Students Committee.

Contact Us

There are multiple ways to contact your students' council. Contact by our official Instagram Accounts, council's email, this website or talk to one of our students' council's members. Also, feel free to join our new club this year at Glebe Collegiate Institute - Glebe Students Committee. Click the button to visit our Instagram...

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